20 12 2008

How tragic the weight of the ground we’ve lost.


NOTA BENE:  The sole opposition to the advancement of equal rights in our country is and always has been driven by the ignorance bred of the disease we call “religion.” This threat is a mind virus highly resistant to rational thought and reason, yet we choose to pamper it with tax-exemption, charity and extraordinary cirumstances. Blurg. I am suddenly reminded of Christopher Hitchens’ rhetorical challenge posed to those of faith:

“Name one moral act or moral statement that could not be made by a non-believer.”

and conversely,

“Name any immoral act that could only be made by a religious believer.”

Those who possess even the slightest capacity for critical thinking will immediately recognize that the first question has no correct answer, whereas the second’s answer is true in a seemingly immeasurable number of cases. Such a realization is quite depressing….

If you affiliate with or support any of the organizations responsible for the recent retrogression of equal rights here in California then i would implore you to reflect upon the relevance and resemblance that our current conflict shares with the innumerable past struggles overcome by countless other minorities throughout American history. The present scenario is no different; it will undoubtedly end with the same maturation of existential wisdom and humanistic ideals that have been forged by its predecessors.  The inferior school of thought will once again be extinguished in favor of truth: oppressive ideals founded on ignorance and bigotry will inevitably succumb to the atrophy induced by the continual advancement of logical and scientific truth. It’s simply a matter of time.

The lesson that will be conveyed after this victory will similarly be no different from the foreshadowing of its seemingly precognitive counterparts : Open-mindedness and critical skepticism are they keys to knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Closed-mindedness and blind faith are the keys to ignorance, naiveity and confusion.

Do your beliefs provide the right key?


EDIT: I wrote to Jerry the following:

Hi Jerry,

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the video of your press conference from Sept 22, 2007 concerning your decision to support the gay marriage resolution being considered at the time. It appears that I’m a bit late in imparting my congratulations in this case, but better late than never I suppose. Anyway, I simply wanted to express how incredibly proud of you I am for your willingness to embrace critical thinking, open-mindedness and rationality in your decision to support the gay marriage resolution. I’d also like to express my utmost respect for your inspiring and courageous words while standing up against those who seek to oppress others based solely on their own fears and insecurities.


I sincerely hope that the unfortunate passage of Proposition 8 will be met with a passionate resistance and will face opposition until the end. I await with open arms the day on which the last of our civilization achieves the enlightenment required for peaceful coexistence. Perhaps such a time remains quite far from our own personal grasp, yet in contrast to the magnitude of our history it’s quite a bit easier to consider that such hopes might soon be realized in nothing more than a single heartbeat of our universe.


Once again, I’d like to express my utmost respect. Continue to follow your heart.


Take care,
– Brendan Seaman



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