mad flows doom / madvillainy 2

28 07 2008

O’s beats and my rhymes attack /

a scary act /

all black like miss Mary Mack/

Wait till’ you see him live on the piano /

Doom sings soprano like ‘uno dos y’ano’ /

My momma told me /

Blast him and pass her that glass of Old E /

Not to be troublesome /

But I sure could use a quick shot of double rum /

No stick of bubble gum /

I like ice cream /

You could skip the wedding /

Have a nice dream /

She only let him stick the head in /



MF/Madlib Mavillain

if you’ve never heard this album then you need to get with the fuckin’ program son.

remixed version just released!!!!!!

Madvillainy Remixes

Madvillainy Remixes